6 Aralık 2010 Pazartesi

Zoom problem while setting a photograph as wallpaper on Android OS

Many times I found this issue quite annoying. Whenever you take a photo and decide to put whole of it onto your main screen you always come up with a magnified giant and cropped version of your photo when you hit the home button! Because android OS needs a 960*854 version to cover all homescreens, by default it is 3. So whenever you pinch to right or left it moves by 240 pixels! So here is the solution... I used irfanview as image editor and created two versions of my photo. 240*854 and 480*854. Then I used create panorama function and stitched 3 images horizontally, 240*854, 480*854 and 240*854 respectively, i used same shrinked version of my photo twice to put to the left and right wings of my original photo. Then when I pressed set as walpaper I finally managed to select whole of my original photo withour seeing cropped or crap version of it :) VOILA! In order to see the difference I uploaded two image files, first at 480*854 pix resolution, second with the above method in 960*854 pix resolution. (1) http://tapa.tk/mu/2e6ae1e2-39e8-415e.jpg (2) http://tapa.tk/mu/2e6ae1e2-3417-a824.jpg
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